Buddhist Deity Statues in Nepal

In Nepal, there has long been a tradition of sculpture. The fundamentals of the molding process don't alter much other than the dimensions and design patterns. Miniature religious statues and ceremonial objects made of bronze or copper alloy are a specialty of Nepalese sculpting. Small bronze sculptures, usually spiritual and mainly Buddhist, are a long-standing tradition among Nepalese artists. For many years, these statues have been shipped to Tibet and India.

Buddha statues are excellent home decors that bring a sense of peace to the surroundings. One of the main reasons why people adore Buddha idols in their homes or places of business is that he has always been connected with serenity. Buddha sculptures are thought to spread happiness throughout your environment and bring peace. You can stay energized all day long thanks to these good vibrations.

Gautam Buddha is a representation of wisdom, harmony, and inner calm. Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra consider statues of Gautam Buddha as promising signs of good fortune. Placing these statues in various locations throughout your home can affect your family's harmony and psychological well-being, according to Vastu for Buddha statues for homes.

What Materials Are Used for Statues?

Generally, five different metals are combined to create a statue. This Statue is well-known for its distinctive appearance and is usually referred to as "Panch Dhatu Buddha." It reveals a flash of golden light, a murky perspective of bronze and copper, and the brilliance of silver. It appears incredibly attractive with the display of various colors. The word "Dhatu" means "metal," and in Nepalese culture, it is thought that by using multiple kinds of metal, we may lessen the impact of the earth on human life. 

Copper has a traditional value; thus, statues of copper appear to be antique. The Statue is made of copper and has exquisite classic patterns and a dark brown tint. In contrast to golden statues, which are popular in both small and large sizes, copper-made crafts are intended to be utilized more frequently in Buddhist monks' homes.

Different types of Statues, materials, and methods are used to craft them. Here are different kinds of Statue you can select from.

Gold Gilded Copper Buddha StatueGold-Gilded-Copper-Statues

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One of the highly preferred statues by many folks is a copper statue gilded with gold. The body of the Statue is molded using copper. On which the artist hand-craves intricate design patterns, overlays with 24K genuine gold, and polishes for months. This is a tedious task, and every pattern has to be perfect. The deity's depiction must be accurate to that of traditional iconography.

We make these art crafts with complete devotion, to aid you in your daily practices. The gilding of the gold gives the Statue an outstanding shine. These statues vary in size. They can weigh from less than 1kg to over 50kgs. They are depicted on different postures, on a lotus or throne seat, with consort and holding different sacred items.

Gold Gilded Copper Buddha Statue with Acrylic Paintingsacrylic-painting-copper-gold-gilded-statue

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The crafting process of statues with Acrylics is similar to that of gold-gilded copper statues. However, after gilding the Statue with 24K genuine gold, it is hand-painted with acrylic paintings. These paintings further highlight the feature of the deity. The combination of different colors brings the figurine to life and gives a radiant glow.

Oxidized Copper Buddha Statues

If you are looking for antique-looking statues, then oxidized copper statues are the perfect ones. They have a dark brown tint that gives a vintage look. The molding process beings with the oxidized copper on which the artist hand-craves intricate design patterns. All the details are as precise as that of gold-gilded copper statues.oxidized-copper-body-statue

There are also options to select from. Some oxidized copper statues have faces gilded with 24K genuine gold. They are further highlighted with acrylic paintings and adorned with precious gemstones.

The oxidized copper statues can be seen with both gold and silver plating. The molding process is similar to that of copper statues, but instead of gilding, these statues are silver-plated. To further highlight the deity's features, we hand-painted with acrylic paintings and adorned them with precious corals and gemstones, especially on the body ornaments.

Machine Made Miniature Statuesmachine-made-miniature-statues

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If you are looking for a small and easily portable statue, then a miniature Statue is the one for you. They are sculpted using a machine. The design is based on traditional iconography. The acrylic paintings on the Statue are hand-painted. These statues are either electroplated with silver or gold. There are options for copper body or oxidized copper body as well. These statues are usually under 1kg. Such miniature statues are perfect if you are traveling. You can carry it with you all the time to different places and perfect your daily practice quickly.

We are the artist of the Kathmandu Valley who has been hand-crafting Buddhist Statues for decades. Our skillset has been passed down from generation to generation. With decades of expertise, we still focus on improving and perfecting the art of sculpting using the highest quality materials. The statues in our workshop signify the rich history and importance of the deities. We create sculptures with the finest details and are precisely based on traditional iconography. Read How Statues in Nepal are made?

Benefits of Having Buddha Statue

The Buddha statues or pictures are not just physical representations or depictions of the Buddha's appearance; they are also a symbol of the Buddha's teachings, good fortune, and inner peace, and a source of inspiration for all individuals. Buddhists have the notion that chanting or praying in front of a statue of the Buddha results in some form of inner fulfillment that, in turn, brings about peace of mind, heart, and soul.

Buddha sculptures prompts and reminds one of their commitment to upholding their spirituality and meditation practice. A Buddha statue inspires and reminds one of their commitment to upholding spirituality and meditation practice. Buddha statues also uplift the mind and direct attention to the truth of the material world by purifying the mind, fostering inner tranquility, and inspiring people to overcome the bad feelings of fear, greed, jealousy, and hatred. Similar to this, it is widely held that having a Buddha statue in and around the home enables a person to get the best results regarding their spiritual path and the pleasant aura surrounding the statue.

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