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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Dukar Sitatapatra Statue | Shield of Golden Protection
Sale price$1,890.00 USD Regular price$2,100.00 USD
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Sita Atapatra Statue | Goddess Dukar is Symbol of Protection and Healing
Sale price$1,260.00 USD Regular price$1,400.00 USD
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The Chatra Tara "Dukar" Statue | Protector Under the Umbrella
Sale price$1,080.00 USD Regular price$1,200.00 USD
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chatra Tara
Divine Chatra Tara "Dukar" | Emblem of Protection
Sale price$630.00 USD Regular price$700.00 USD
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dukar-with two arms
Magnificent Dukar Two-Armed Gold Gilded Statue | Protector of Harmony
Sale price$5,175.00 USD Regular price$5,750.00 USD
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ushnisha sitatapatra
Ushnisha Sitatapatra | The White Parasol Goddess Statue
Sale price$1,305.00 USD Regular price$1,450.00 USD
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sitatapatra sadhana
Embrace Peace with the Sitatapatra Sadhana Statue | Himalayan Artwork
Sale price$900.90 USD Regular price$1,001.00 USD
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dukar goddess
Dukar Goddess Statue | The Beacon of Divine Protection
Sale price$514.80 USD Regular price$572.00 USD
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Dhoja Devi Statue | Goddess of Victory and Protection
Sale price$1,128.60 USD Regular price$1,254.00 USD
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Dukar Sitatapatra Statue
Handcrafted Dukar Sitatapatra Statue | Himalayan art | White Umbrella Deity
Sale price$7,830.90 USD Regular price$8,701.00 USD
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