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Buddha Statue

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Showing 1 - 24 of 582 products
Shakyamuni Buddha Blue Figure | Embrace the Divine Presence of Enlightenment
Sale price$1,350.00 USD Regular price$1,500.00 USD
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Shakyamuni Buddha Gold Gilded Figure | Experience Divine Radiance and Wisdom
Sale price$3,420.00 USD Regular price$3,800.00 USD
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Shakyamuni Buddha Sage of Buddhism | Discover Spiritual Harmony
Sale price$3,150.00 USD Regular price$3,500.00 USD
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Antique Standing Shakyamuni Buddha Statue | Embrace Timeless Wisdom
Sale price$2,250.00 USD Regular price$2,500.00 USD
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Antique Crown Shakyamuni Buddha Statue | Embrace Timeless Wisdom
Sale price$2,970.00 USD Regular price$3,300.00 USD
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Divine Buddha Shakyamuni on Throne | Illumination of the Dharma
Sale price$2,790.00 USD Regular price$3,100.00 USD
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Enlighten Shakyamuni Buddha Figure | Embrace the Path of Enlightenment
Sale price$765.00 USD Regular price$850.00 USD
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Gold Gilded Shakyamuni Buddha Figurine | Radiate the Light of Spiritual Enlightenment
Sale price$5,040.00 USD Regular price$5,600.00 USD
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Historical Buddha Statue | 24K Gold Gilded Enlightened Master
Sale price$882.00 USD Regular price$980.00 USD
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Antique Shakyamuni Buddha Figurine | Embark on a Journey of Timeless Wisdom and Compassion
Sale price$5,400.00 USD Regular price$6,000.00 USD
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Jowo Shakyamuni Buddha Figurine | Embrace the Serenity of Spiritual Enlightenment and Compassion
Sale price$3,060.00 USD Regular price$3,400.00 USD
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Shakyamuni Buddha Gold Gilded Figurine | Embrace the Radiance of Spiritual Enlightenment
Sale price$1,665.00 USD Regular price$1,850.00 USD
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Oxidized Shakyamuni Buddha Figurine | Embrace Ancient Wisdom and Serenity
Sale price$1,620.00 USD Regular price$1,800.00 USD
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Crown Shakyamuni Buddha Gold Gilded Statue | Radiate Divine Enlightenment
Sale price$1,485.00 USD Regular price$1,650.00 USD
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Shakyamuni Buddha Oxidized Figurine | Embrace Serenity and Enlightenment
Sale price$1,170.00 USD Regular price$1,300.00 USD
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Serene Shakyamuni Buddhah Statue | Radiating Peace and Enlightenment
Sale price$990.00 USD Regular price$1,100.00 USD
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buddha-shakyamuni-nepalese sculpture
Buddha Shakyamuni Nepalese Sculpture | Majestic 24K Gold Gilded Presence
Sale price$2,340.00 USD Regular price$2,600.00 USD
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Budh Shakyamuni Statue | Symbol of Enlightenment and Compassion
Sale price$2,124.00 USD Regular price$2,360.00 USD
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Serene Shakyamuni Buddha Figurine | A Beacon of Inner Peace
Sale price$675.00 USD Regular price$750.00 USD
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Serene Buddha Shakyamuni Statue | Embodying Peace and Enlightenment
Sale price$13,110.00 USD Regular price$13,800.00 USD
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Jewel Crown Shakyamuni Buddha Statue | Embodiment of Divine Wisdom
Sale price$1,575.00 USD Regular price$1,750.00 USD
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shakyamuni-buddha-beautiful handmade statue
Shakyamuni Buddha Handmade Beautiful Statue | Majestic 24K Gold Gilded Enlightenment
Sale price$5,130.00 USD Regular price$5,700.00 USD
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Shakyamuni Buddha wearing Crown Sculpture | Regal Enlightenment in 24K Gold
Sale price$1,800.00 USD Regular price$2,000.00 USD
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Grace of shakyamuni-buddha
Grace of Shakyamuni Buddha Statue | Antique Elegance in 24K Gold
Sale price$1,575.00 USD Regular price$1,750.00 USD
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