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Guru Rinpoche

Guru Rinpoche Statue | Guru Padmasambhava | Himalayan Buddhist Statue

The lotus-Born MasterGuru Padmasambhava

“Every morning and every evening, I will come to serve you

By riding the rays of the rising and setting sun.

On the tenths of the waxing moons, I will come in person. “

Twelve years after the Parinirvana of the Buddha, the rays of blessing light of the Buddha of Infinite Light touched a lotus where Guru Rinpoche miraculously took birth, who was then later enthroned as the Crown Prince. But, he left the royal palace in order to serve a greater number of beings through sacred teachings and power. A fully enlightened Buddha, Guru Padmasambhava trained himself at many sacred places and gave those teachings to infinite visible and invisible beings. Through his invincible powers, he pacified many negative forces obstructing his enlightening activities.

Guru Rinpoche Collection

Himalayan Buddhist Statues

The artist community of the Kathmandu Valley is justifiably famous for the metal-working skill and artistry. The level of mastery still distinguishes the finest metal-smiths of the Valley today. The art of making traditional Himalayan Buddhist Statue is painstaking, time-consuming, and requires consummate skill from all who contribute. First produced by lost-wax casting, the raw casting is refined and detailed by chasing (hammering a sharp tool into the surface of the statue) to create the details of the crown, hair, fabric designs, jewelry, and all-important facial features of the divine visage. Even the smooth areas are given a final polish by gently hammering the surface. After the copper body is finished in great detail, the gilders take over and fire-gild the entire surface with an amalgam of mercury and gold. It is then heated to vaporize the mercury, so that the gold permanently stays on the body. Next a burnisher takes over, rubbing the entire piece with an agate tool affixed to the end of a stick. The statue is then ready for the artist, who will complete and embellish it in various colors-in some cases, costly pigments of ground lapis lazuli and gold as needed in the iconography.


We take much joy and happiness on bringing wonderfully hand curated Buddhist statues to Vajrayana practitioners.
Buddhist statues with accurate iconography and details from the trans Himalayan culture that has been dominant for more than 1400 years. For a practitioners on their spiritual journey, our statues can be a subtle vehicle of teaching and guidance.

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