We take much joy and happiness in bringing wonderfully hand-curated Buddhist statues to Vajrayana practitioners.
Buddhist statues with accurate iconography and details from the trans-Himalayan culture that has been dominant for more than 1400 years. For a practitioner on their spiritual journey, our statues can be a subtle vehicle of teaching and guidance.

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Himalayan Buddhist Statues

The artist community of the Kathmandu Valley is justifiably famous for the metal-working skill and artistry. The level of mastery still distinguishes the finest metal-smiths of the Valley today. The art of making traditional Himalayan Buddhist Statue is painstaking, time-consuming, and requires consummate skill from all who contribute. First produced by lost-wax casting, the raw casting is refined and detailed by chasing (hammering a sharp tool into the surface of the statue) to create the details of the crown, hair, fabric designs, jewelry, and all-important facial features of the divine visage.

Even the smooth areas are given a final polish by gently hammering the surface. After the copper body is finished in great detail, the gilders take over and fire-gild the entire surface with an amalgam of mercury and gold. It is then heated to vaporize the mercury, so that the gold permanently stays on the body. Next a burnisher takes over, rubbing the entire piece with an agate tool affixed to the end of a stick. The statue is then ready for the artist, who will complete and embellish it in various colors-in some cases, costly pigments of ground lapis lazuli and gold as needed in the iconography.

Auspicious Consecration and Blessing

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