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Showing 1 - 24 of 109 products
Buddhist Wealth Deity Dzambhala Statue
Buddhist Wealth Deity Dzambhala Statue | 31cm Handmade 24k Gold Gilded Sculpture
Sale price$1,163.25 USD Regular price$1,551.00 USD
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dzambhala-the weath deity
Dzambhala The Wealth Deity Statue | Icon of Prosperity and Fortune
Sale price$1,200.00 USD Regular price$1,600.00 USD
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yellow dzambhala practice sculpture
Yellow Dzambhala Practice Sculpture | Wealth Deity in 24K Gold Gilded Art Form
Sale price$720.00 USD Regular price$900.00 USD
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yellow-dzambhala-sculpture-for shrine
Yellow Dzambhala Sculpture | Prosperity in 24K Gold & Copper
Sale price$1,120.00 USD Regular price$1,400.00 USD
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Dzambhala Wealth Deity Statue | A Symphony of 24K Gold and Gemstone Craftsmanship
Sale price$5,600.00 USD Regular price$7,000.00 USD
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Golden Radiance: Yellow Dzambhala Buddhist Statue | the Epitome of Radiant Serenity
Sale price$5,120.00 USD Regular price$6,400.00 USD
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Yellow Dzambhala Practice Sculpture | 24k Gold Gilded Artwork
Sale price$1,480.00 USD Regular price$1,850.00 USD
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Deity of Wealth Dzambhala Statue | A Radiant Symbol of Abundance
Sale price$2,320.00 USD Regular price$2,900.00 USD
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Yellow Dzambhala Practice Statue | Golden Prosperity Sculpture
Sale price$602.80 USD Regular price$753.50 USD
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Dzambhala Wealth Buddha Statue | Golden Guardian of Wealth
Sale price$1,278.75 USD Regular price$1,705.00 USD
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guru dzambhala mantra
Guru Dzambhala Mantra Fillable Sculpture | Golden Guardian of Wealth
Sale price$1,278.75 USD Regular price$1,705.00 USD
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Jambhala, God of Wealth Statue | Oxidized Copper Sculpture
Sale price$924.00 USD Regular price$1,155.00 USD
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Yellow zambala
Premium Yellow Zambala Statue | 24k Gold Gilded Master Piece
Sale price$2,160.40 USD Regular price$2,700.50 USD
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Wealth Deity Jambhala Statue
Wealth Deity Jambhala | Tibetan Statue Art
Sale price$1,402.00 USD Regular price$1,870.00 USD
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Jambhala or Dzambhala Statue
Jambhala or Dzambhala Statue | Buddhist Wealth Deity
Sale price$2,465.25 USD Regular price$2,595.00 USD
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kuber statue
Premium Handcrafted Dzambhala Kuber Statue | Discover Tranquility
Sale price$4,727.00 USD Regular price$6,303.00 USD
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yellow dzambhala mantra
Yellow Dzambhala Mantra | Spiritual Brilliance Embodied
Sale price$642.00 USD Regular price$803.00 USD
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Dzambhala and Consort
Dzambhala & Consort Statue | Union of Prosperity
Sale price$2,553.75 USD Regular price$3,405.00 USD
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jambhala dzambhala buddha
Jambhala Dzambhala Buddha | Lord of Wealth and Prosperity
Sale price$2,475.00 USD Regular price$3,300.00 USD
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Zambala Statue: Prosperity's Living Embodiment | Painted Nepalese Sculpture
Sale price$8,854.00 USD Regular price$9,320.00 USD
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ༀ zambhala
ༀ Zambhala Premium Statue | The Auspicious Wealth-Bringing Deity
Sale price$1,650.00 USD Regular price$2,200.00 USD
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Zambhala the God of Wealth | The Grandeur of Prosperity
Sale price$4,004.00 USD Regular price$5,005.00 USD
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dzambhala sadhana
Dzambhala Sadhana Statue | A Symbol of Wealth and Prosperity in Vajrayana Buddhism
Sale price$2,402.40 USD Regular price$3,003.00 USD
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Oxidized Elegance: Zambala Sculpture | The Keeper of Abundance
Sale price$300.30 USD Regular price$400.40 USD
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