21 Praises To Tara Gold Gilded Statue | 21 Tara Statue Set For Meditation

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21 Praises To Tara Gold Gilded Statue For Meditation

This collection of 21 Praises To Tara Gold Gilded Statue was expertly hand-crafted. They're all intricately carved, paying close attention to every minute detail. Even though the Tara all have a similar appearance, they all have distinctive personalities. Their gestures and the qualities they possess vary appropriately. We have molded each form of Tara using copper. Then we hand-carved intricate design patterns on the figurine. The elaborate artistic patterns were hand-carved using a hammer and tiny chisels. Artists must have years of skill since delicate carvings require them to carve out elaborate designs on a small surface. He has to fulfill every minute detail on the statue based on the traditional iconography in Buddhist scriptures. We have used materials of the highest quality to craft the statue. We assure you that this piece of art will last for many years. This statue set weighs about 48.68 kg. For the statue's completion, we worked a day in and day out for a year.

The Tara mandala is stunning and ideal for your meditation shrine.

Size: 9.0"/23cm (Height) x 7.0"/18cm (Base)
Weight: 48.68 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Tara has 21 effective forms, each tied to a specific color, and energy is visualized in this Buddhist statue. According to tantric teaching, within this human body, we have twenty-one knots. These are in pairs, and they obstruct or block our channels. As we release each pair of knots through practice, we obtain a specific experience or realization. After removing all 21 knots, we are known as enlightened beings, having attained Buddhahood.

The 21 forms of Tara are :
Nyurma Pamo (Red Tara), Loter Yangchenma (White Tara), Sonam Tobche (Golden Tara), Tsugtor Namgyalma (Golden Tara), Wangdu Rigje Lhamo (Red Tara), Jigje Chenmo (Dark Red Tara), Zhengyi Mithumba (Dark Blue Tara), Zhengyi Migyalma (Dark Red Tara), Sengdeng Nagchi (Emerald Green Tara), Jigten Sumle Gyalma (Red Tara), Phagma Norter Drolma (Orange Tara), Tashi Donje (Golden Yellow Tara), Yulle Gyalma(Dark Red Tara), Thronyer Chen(Tara in dark rain-cload colour), Rabzhima(White Tara with a blue Lotus), Rigngag Tobjom, Pagme Nonma, Maja Chenmo, Dugkarmo, Rito Loma Jonma, and Lhamo Ozer Chenmaand (White Tara with a blue lotus on a golden fish).