Emanations of 21 Tara Statues Collection | 24K Gold Himalayan Sculpture

SKU: 21TN264


21 Tara Emanations, Hand carved Gold Statue Collections of Taras

21 Tara meditation is widely practiced by the Buddhist practitioners all around the globe. This set of statues includes the various 21 emanations of Tara, each holding a unique attribute and expression.

These taras are solely hand curated with genuine 24K gold and precious stones. Creating this master set took us almost 18 months to complete as each of them are precisely carved as per the iconography and Sadhana of 21 Tara. Put together, they make a complete set, radiating a lustrous aura to your meditation shrine. One of our beloved 21 Tara set is now available for you!

Size: 22cm/8.66" (Height) x 15cm/5.9'' (Base)
Weight: 1.58kg Each
Materials: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Precious Corals

21 Tara Introduction:

Tara has 21 effective forms, each tied to a specific color, and energy is visualized in this Buddhist statue. According to tantric teaching, within this human body, we have twenty-one knots. These are in pairs, and they obstruct or block our channels. As we release each of these pairs of knots through practice, we obtain a specific experience or realization. After removing all of the 21 knots, we are known as enlightened beings, having attained Buddhahood.