5 Dhyani Buddhas Statue Set | Aksobhya, Amitabha, Amoghasiddhi, Ratnasambhava and Vairocana



Set of Buddha Statues, Five Directional Buddha in Traditional Hand carved Sculpture

This magnificent set of Buddha statue is a perfect set for your practice of The five Directional Buddhas. They are elegantly hand curated, with a detailed attention paid to each of them. The calm and serene face of the Buddha, the elongated ear lobes, their hand gestures every things are exactly made to match the descriptions mentioned in the Sadhana manuals.

This set of statues beautifully showcases the lustrous magic behind the traditional gold plating technique.  One of the well preserved tradition of Nepal, our solely hand made gold statues are surely exemplifies the finest artistry of Newars from the Kathamndu Valley. And they will be a great gift for Buddhist Shrine.

Size: 15.75"/40cm (Height) x 6.70"/17cm (Base)
Each Weight: 4.484 kg 
Total Weight: 24.77 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings


5 Dhyani buddhas Aksobhya, Amitabha, Amoghasiddhi, Ratnasabhava, and Vairocana. Each represents a particular facet of enlightened consciousness that can help with spiritual growth.

Vairocana appears to be in the middle of the statue. The wisdom of Vairochana is the essence of dharma meditation. Akshobhya Buddha is usually framed in the east, Ratnasambhava Buddha facing south, Amitabha Buddha in the west, and Amogasiddhi Buddha in the north.