6 Armed Mahakala Statue for Meditation and Altars | Traditional Tibetan Style Buddhist Statue



Classis Gold Gilded 6 Armed Mahakala Statue, Wrathful Buddhist Deity 

We are Kathmandu Valley artists who have been creating Vajrayana sculptures that have been passed down from generation to generation, like this 6 Armed Mahakala statue. The deity is depicted with a wrathful countenance, representing his role as a destroyer of obstacles and protector of the faithful. He can be seen standing on a human figure with an elephant head. The deity bears three pairs of arms that each carry an item symbolic of his divine powers. He can be seen with a third eye on his forehead, a symbol of wisdom and insight, and wearing a skull crown and garland, symbolizing life's impermanence and the transience of all things. The deity is engulfed in a blaze of fire, forming a halo. 

This copper statue is gilded in gold and is painted brightly with acrylic colors. It is the perfect keepsake for devout individuals like yourself, suitable for use in Buddhist rituals, and will make a magnificent addition to your altar.

Size: 14.1"/36cm (Height) x 11.8"/30cm (Base)
Weight: 5.84 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Mahakala is the guardian god of Mahayana Buddhism and all Tibetan Buddhist schools. He represents various ways, each with its features and characteristics. He is seen as the emanation of distinct beings in some circumstances, such as Avalokitesvara or Chakrasamvara. The five kleshas (adverse ailments) are transmuted into the five pearls of wisdom, and Mahakala is generally typically represented with a crown of five skulls.