Amitabh Buddha Sculpture | Buddha Of The Comprehensive Love



Buddha Of The Comprehensive Love, Amitabh Buddha Sculpture 

Amitābha is the principal buddha in pure land Buddhism and he is also regarded as comprehensive love of all the Buddhas. Our artists worked very carefully to ensure that the intricate details of the statue are accurately represented in this beautiful Amitabha Buddha sculpture, which took months to develop. This statue was created by Nepali artists in Kathmandu, Nepal and is made of copper body and gilded in 24k Gold. He holds eternal Life Nectar Vase. The Infinite Life Buddha's serene visage in the statue is seated in a vajra stance on a lotus seat. 

Size: 11.8"/30cm (Height) x 9.4"/24cm (Base)
Weight: 3.166 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Amitbha is known for his longevity and accumulation purification with a deep awareness of the emptiness of all phenomena. According to legend, Amitabha was a monarch once upon a time. He renounced his throne to become a Dharmakara Bodhisattva monk. He worked for five eons before attaining enlightenment and becoming a Buddha. Amitabha is a Buddhist deity who represents compassion and wisdom.

A perfect Amitabha Buddha Statue for your meditation shrine.