Buddha Amitabha Statue, Himalayan Buddhist Hand Carved Sculpture



Traditionally Hand Carved Amitabha Buddha Statue

The beautifully hand curated Statue of Buddha Amitabha is available for you. Traditionally carved this Buddhist statue stands aligned with all the iconography as mentioned in the Sadhana texts. The radiant red color of his body reassembles the color of a ruby. His face expresses the surreal calmness, which is one unique quality of Buddha.

The colorful lotus petals and the intricately designed floral motifs on his robe has added an extra charm to this statue.

Size: 18.8"/48cm (Height) x 13.3"/34cm (Base)
Weight: 12.170 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Amitabha Buddha Introduction:

In Tibetan Buddhism Amitabha Buddha symbolizes "unlimited brightness" or "infinite luminosity." He is depicted holding the Eternal Life Nectar vase in the hand-carved statue. He is seated in a vajra position on a lotus seat with a calm and peaceful face gilded with pure 24K gold. In his right hand, he holds an offering bowl. Devotees can seek Amitabha Buddha's compassion to alleviate their suffering due to this magnificent conveyance. All they have to do is utter his name or the Amitabha mantra.