Amitabha Buddha Meditation Statue | Traditional Tibetan Sculpture



Traditional Amitabha Buddha Meditation Statue

We have traditionally hand-carved the meditation statue of Buddha Amitabha in the Himalayan style. The practitioners like you can use the sculpture for meditation or yoga practices. You can also utilize the figure in different Buddhist rituals and ceremonies to adore and practice. Home décor could also be the best alternative for adequately using the statue. We have used materials like 24k gold for gilding the statue, copper for crafting it, and acrylic paintings for embellishing. Deity depicting atop a moon disc lotus seat is an exclusively tremendous gift from Nepal to you. 

Size: 5.7"/14.5cm (Height) x 3.7"/9.5cm (Base)
Weight: 0.558 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Amitbha is known for his longevity and accumulation purification with a deep awareness of the emptiness of all phenomena. According to legend, Amitabha was a monarch once upon a time. He renounced his throne to become a Dharmakara Bodhisattva monk. He worked for five eons before attaining enlightenment and becoming a Buddha. Amitabha is a Buddhist deity who represents compassion and wisdom.