Amitabha The Buddha Of Infinite Light | Gold Plated Himalayan Art

SKU: ABJ1403


Gold Plated Amitabha The Buddha Of Infinite Light Statue

The statue of Amitabha, The Buddha Of Infinite Light, was meticulously handmade by us using traditional Himalayan art. We are artisans from the Kathmandu Valley whose skill in crafting vintage Vajrayana sculptures has been passed down through generations. In this sculpture, the robe is elegantly decorated and hand-craved in a traditional Buddhist manner. With a serene look and an alms bowl holding both hands, we have portrayed Amitabha Buddha sitting atop a moon disc lotus seat. This figure may be used for various Buddhist rites and ceremonies, as well as for everyday yoga and meditation sessions and other interior uses.

A practitioner like you will adore receiving this exquisite work of Nepalese art.

Size: 12.5"/32cm (Height) x 9"/23cm (Base)
Weight: 3.72 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Amitabha is one of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, alongside Akobhya, Amoghasiddhi, Ratnasambhava, and Vairocana. Amitabha is known for his longevity and accumulation purification, as well as his profound understanding of the emptiness of all phenomena. Amitabha was once a monarch, according to legend. He abdicated his throne to become a Dharmakara Bodhisattva monk. Before attaining enlightenment and becoming a Buddha, he worked for five eons. Amitabha is a Buddhist deity that is associated with compassion and wisdom.