Amitayus Buddha Sculpture Bodhisattva | Himalayan Art | Gold Gilded



Traditionally Crafted Amitayus Buddha Sculpture Bodhisattva

We, the artists of Kathmandu, have expertly hand carved the Amitayus Buddha Sculpture Bodhisattva, which has been carved with intricate design patterns. This statue was made from a copper body and gilded with 24k genuine gold. The deity is depicted seated over a moon disc lotus while he holds a vase with his two hands above his lap. The. crown and body ornaments that are decorated over the statue are embedded with numerous jewels and stones. The art depicts the hard work the artists had to put through to perfect this statue. The use of acrylic paint further highlights the details of the statue. 

This statue of Amitayus will be an excellent gift for your meditational shrine that can aid in your practice.

Size: 18.1"/46cm (Height) x 12.5"/32cm (Base)
Weight: 9.11 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Amitayus, often known as "The Buddha of Endless Life," is a sambhogakaya aspect of Amitabha, commonly linked with longevity. He is frequently depicted reclining and holding a vase with the nectar of immortality. One of the three gods of immortality, Amitayus is one of the three gods of immortality.