Amitayus Practice Sculpture | Buddha Amitayus With Consort Statue For Practice



Buddha Amitayus Practice Sculpture With Consort

The Amitayus Practice Sculpture has been expertly hand-sculpted in our studio using traditional Himalayan techniques. We have portrayed the deity embracing his consort while holding a vase in both hands. In the statue, he is seated on a seat.  An oxidized copper mold is used to craft the figurine. For centuries, the skill of creating such exquisite statues has been handed down from generation to generation. We spent months sculpting the deity out of copper. One can utilize this aircraft for different purposes, such as Buddhist Rituals, ceremonies, Monasteries, yoga, and meditation. 

This Amitayus statue has accurate traditional iconography and fine details and will be a perfect gift to a devotee like you from Nepal.

Size: 12.5"/32cm (Height) x 10.6"/27cm (Base)
Weight: 4.34 kg
Material: Oxidized Copper Body

Amitayus, often known as "The Buddha of Endless Life," is a sambhogakaya aspect of Amitabha, commonly linked with longevity. He is frequently depicted reclining and holding a vase with the nectar of immortality. One of the three gods of immortality, Amitayus is one of the three gods of immortality.