Blue Medicine Buddha Statue | Hand Craved Medicine Buddha Artwork

SKU: MBQ1731


Hand Craved Artwork Of Blue Medicine Buddha 

 The Lapis Lazuli is often termed as Blue Medicine Buddha. Utilizing the skillset passed down for centuries, we have exclusively sculpted Blue Medicine Buddha Statue. The body of the medicine buddha is molded using copper, which is later gilded using genuine 24K gold. This gives the statue a lustrous shine. In the state, the deity is seated peacefully upon a moon disc lotus in a meditative posture as he holds an alms bowl containing the nectar of immortality with his left hand and a myrobalan plant with the other hand. This figurine will be a perfect gift from Nepal to a devotee like you that will aid you in your practices and regular activities such as meditation and yoga.

This statue has accurate traditional iconography and fine details and will be a perfect gift to a devotee like you from Nepal.

Size: 8.2"/21cm (Height) x 5.9"/15cm (Base)
Weight: 1.5 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Medicine Buddha, also known as Bhaishajyaguru in Sanskrit, is regarded as the Buddha of Healing. His teachings aim to free sentient beings from sickness, pain, anguish, and unhappiness while also emphasizing the need to acquire prosperity and enjoyment in this life. Many meditators in the Mahayana tradition admire his healing abilities. He is frequently shown with a blue (lapis lazuli) body and hands carrying a begging bowl and medical herbs.