Peaceful Manjushri | Jampal Yang Statue | Bodhisattva Of Wisdom

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Bodhisattva Of Wisdom, Peaceful Manjushri Statue

The statue of Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Peaceful Manjushri, represents one of the most popular Bodhisattvas in the Buddhist pantheon. He is well-known as the Wisdom Bodhisattva's patron. He wields a flaming wisdom sword that pierces through all oddities in his right hand. He holds the stem of an immaculate lotus in his left hand, which supports a text in one hundred thousand stanzas on the "Perfection of Wisdom."   As a result of our dependency on Manjushri, we can acquire a strong memory, a skill for the arts, a level of foresight, and a deep understanding of the Buddha's teachings.

Manjushri is closely related to the wisdom goddess Prajnaparamita, who epitomizes wisdom as the way to enlightenment. Both appeared in north Indian religious writings and iconography in the ninth century. In Licchavi Nepal, Manjushri was a prominent Buddhist savior figure.
Size: 40cm/15.74" (Height) x 24cm/9.44" (Base)
Weight: 6.688kg 
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings