Buddha Art Green Tara Statue | Mother Tara Statue

SKU: GTW1256


Handcrafted Buddha Art Statue of Green Tara 24k Gold Gilded

The statue of Green Tara signifies enlightened activity and active compassion while she is the emanate manifestation of all other forms. The artists of Kathmandu have crafted this flawless Buddha Art masterpiece of the deity, Green Tara Statue, with a pure copper body with 24k genuine gold in our studio. The details given by the acrylic painting are captivating. Seated upon a moon disc lotus with a calm and peaceful expression, she holds two lotus flowers, one in full bloom and the bud of a lotus in the other, a symbol of the purity of mind. We assure you that the materials used for the statue are of the highest quality and will last for years.

Size: 19.68"/50cm (Height) x 14.17"/36cm (Base)
Weight: 11.85 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Tara is the savior, the personification of compassion, the one who reaches out and freely replies to everyone who is suffering. Tara is courageous and generous to a fault. Green Tara and White Tara are her most popular incarnations, though she occasionally appears as Red Tara in Dakini form. "Om tare tuttare ture svaha," says Green Tara. White Tara's mantra is "om tare tuttare ture mama ayu Punya jnana pushtim kuru svaha," which means "om tare tuttare ture mama ayu Punya jnana pushtim kuru svaha."