Buddha Padmasambhava | Hand Crafted Guru Rinpoche Statue



Purely Handmade Guru Rinpoche Buddha Padmasambhava Statue

Guru Rinpoche Buddha Padmasambhava was born miraculously from a lotus bloom and is considered an emanation of Buddha Amitabha. He was well-known for his remarkable abilities, which included the capacity to subjugate spirits. Guru Padmasambhava traveled to Tibet at the king's request and fought the indigenous nature spirits in magical combat. After defeating these spirits, he swore a promise to them that they would always protect the Dharma. In Tibet, where he is popularly known as "Guru Padmasambhava," meaning "Precious Master," evidence of his wins in these wars can still be found throughout the valleys and villages.

Size: 9"/ 23cm (Height) x 5.5"/ 14cm (Base)
Weight: 1.41 kg