Traditional Buddhist Statue of Buddha Shakyamuni Statue, Sculpture Art of Nepal



Shakyamuni Buddha Statue, A Traditional Sculpture Art of Nepal

This majestic statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is hand made in Nepal by the specialized artisans who have been working continuously to preserve and upgrade this traditional sculpting art form. It is fully gold covered on a copper body using the ancient gold plating method. Simple yet beautifully sculpted, Shakyamuni is depicted in his meditative mudra with his right hand in Earth-touching Mudra. This is the profound portrayal of that exact state in which the Sakyamuni attained Enlightenment and hence, became Buddha, the awakened one!

His face express the serene calmness, his half open eyes are deep into the meditative stage. His elongated earlobes, slender finger tips, the Vajra posture of his legs, this subtle statue of Buddha represents all the iconography precisely.

One finely hand carved statue of Buddha Shakyamuni from Nepal for  you!

Size: 16.54"/42cm (Height) x 11.82"/30cm (Base)
Weight: 7.350 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Shakyamuni Buddha was born as a prince in a royal family. He abandoned his palace life in order to figure out what was causing misery and how to cure it. He became enlightened after a long period of meditation (a Buddha). His enlightenment was the understanding of practical methods for teaching the way of awakening to everyone.