Chanting Amitabha Buddha Statue | Silver-Plated Himalayan Amitabha Art

SKU: ABE1960


Silver-Plated Chanting Amitabha Buddha Statue

We have exclusively hand-carved the Chanting Amitabha Buddha Statue oxidized copper delicately highlighted with acrylic paint and coated with 24k real gold. The deity is represented sitting on a moon disc lotus, holding an alms bowl with both hands over his lap. We have a partly silver-plated halo, a lotus seat, and a fully silver-plated robe.
The elegant halo illuminates Amitabha's face. We have adorned it with precious gemstones. We have used materials of the highest quality to craft the statue. We assure you that this piece of art will last for many years. This statue weighs about 7 kg.

This Amitabha Buddha Statue will be a perfect gift for a practitioner like you.

Size: 16.9"/43cm (Height) x 9.8"/25cm (Base)
Weight: 7 kg
Material: Oxidized Copper Body & Silver Plated

Amitabha is one of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, alongside Akobhya, Amoghasiddhi, Ratnasambhava, and Vairocana. Amitabha is known for his longevity and accumulation purification, as well as his profound understanding of the emptiness of all phenomena. Amitabha was once a monarch, according to legend. He abdicated his throne to become a Dharmakara Bodhisattva monk. Before attaining enlightenment and becoming a Buddha, he worked for five eons. Amitabha is a Buddhist deity that is associated with compassion and wisdom.