Dakini Namgyalma Sculpture | Tibetan Buddhist Dakini of Longevity



Hand-carved Gold Gilded Dakini Namgyalma Sculpture 

Dakini Namgyalma Sculpture was crafted with a copper body and gilded with 24k genuine gold, the use of acrylic paint highlights the intricate design patterns of the figure. She is also known as the Dakini of longevity. The statue is shown with three faces that look towards the left and right sides of the deity with peaceful, wrathful, and semi-wrathful expressions in each direction. The Dakini is depicted with eight arms which, each hold a religious item or making a mudra sign in each individual arm. Her peaceful appearance wearing a costume symbolizes the elimination of disasters seated on a lotus seat. Her other appearance represents longevity and benefits, and her wrathful appearance indicates the defeat of devils. 

You can use this figurine for different Buddhist Rituals and meditational practices and will be the perfect gift for a practitioner like you. 

Size: 18.8"/48cm (Height) x 17.3"/44cm (Base)
Weight: 14.19 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Namgyalma is one of the three long-life deities. Her practice not only dispels life obstacles but also purifies negativity and downfalls and protects against birth in the lower realms. Her practice is such a powerful purification. Namgyalma practice is such a powerful purification, and it is especially beneficial for the sick and those with cancer.