Four Armed Chenrezig | Deity Of Compassion Statue



Deity Of Compassion, Four-Armed Chenrezig Statue

The face of the four-armed Chenrezig Statue is hand-carved with turquoise and coral and coated with pure gold. The Deity of Compassion Chenrezig/Avalokiteshvara practice is recommended for developing a peaceful and loving heart. Compassion is the cornerstone of success on the Buddhist path. In times of struggle and challenge, He responds to the pleas of all sentient beings.

His two front hands are clasped in front of his jewel-draped heart in a religious expression. His particular emblem, a crystal akshamala, or rosary, a symbol of the never-ending cycle, is held in his upper right hand.

This inspirational statue would be an excellent addition to your Chenrezig shrine.
Size: 14.2"/36cm (Height) x 11.4"/29cm (Base)
Weight: 5.084 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings