Dorje Phagmo Statue | Vajravarahi Statue Plated with Pure 24K Gold | Tibetan Statue



Dorje Phagmo Statue, The female Buddha Buddhist Statue

Dorje Phagmo is one of the most popular female Tantric deities in all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. She was known to be an expert at healing people with mental disturbances. The hardship she faced was eventually able to turn such disempowering experiences into empowering tools for practice. They also came in handy when she began teaching and healing others.

This is a beautiful Vajrayogini Statue holding a cemetery knife in her right hand and a skull cup in her left. In the crook of her left elbow is a khatvanga staff and her two legs are in a dancing posture on a human corpse. It is made up of copper, glided 24K Gold, and embedded with precious turquoise and coral.

This Beautiful Statue will be a great gift for your shrine.

Size: 43cm /16.9'' (height) 26cm /10.23'' (width)
Weight: 2.888kg
Materials: Copper, 24K Gold, Precious turquoise and coral