Dorje Sempa Yab Yum Statue | Vajrasattva With Consort

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Traditionally Hand Crafted Dorje Sempa Yab Yum Statue 

The Dorje Sempa Yab Yum statue was flawlessly crafted by the artists of Nepal with intricate design patterns. The figure was molded using an oxidized copper body, gilded with 24k genuine gold over the face of the deity and painted with acrylic paint to highlight the design pattern of the deity. The deity is depicted seated upon a moon disc lotus with his concert over his lap. Vajrasattva embraces the consort, "Mother Vajragarvi," while holding a vajra and a bell in his hand. He is wearing the Lord of the Family as a crown. The name of the female consort can change based on the Tantra source text. Mother Vajragarvi is depicted holding a skullcup with five bone decorations and a curved knife. The one-of-kind statue exclusively found in Nepal took months of work to complete to perfection. 

This Dorje Sempa statue will be the perfect gift from Nepal. 

Size: 12.9"/33cm (Height) x 10.6"/27cm (Base)
Weight: 5.29 kg
Material: Oxidized Copper Body, 24k Gold Gilded, Acrylic Paintings 

Vajrasattva's enlightened aspirations are unlike those of previous buddhas because of the power of his prayers. He embodies the hundred buddha families, the five buddha families, and so on in his nature. He is unlike any other deity because he is the all-pervading lord of the hundred buddha families and the solitary buddha family of the great secret.