Dzambhala Precious Golden Deity | Premium High Quality Statue

SKU: DZS4784


Handmade Precious Golden Deity Dzambhala Statue, God of Wealth and Fortune 

Adorn your home with this breathtakingly regal Dzambhala Precious Golden Deity statue crafted from premium high-quality materials. The alluring richness of its golden hue and its faithfully recreated details imbue a remarkable sense of grandeur and luxury into any space. Make life more magical with this illustrious work of art.

Depicted in his most well-known iconographic form. He is shown sitting in regal posture on a moon disc lotus seat with a wrathful pricing gaze in his eyes. He holds citron fruit in his right hand and jewel-spitting mongoose in his left hand. The artistry of this statue is magnificent, and it consists of triple-layered Gold, 3D Embossed Carving with Deep Multi-Layered Engraving, and High-Quality Semi-Precious Hand Carved Stones.

Size: 8.2"/21cm (Height) x 6.2"/16cm (Base)
Weight: 1.90 kg
Material: 24k Gold Gilded, 24k Gold & Acrylic Paintings, Copper Body

Yellow Jambala, also known as Yellow Dzambhala, is a Tibetan Buddhist deity linked with wealth and success. Devotees ask him to grant both monetary wealth and spiritual understanding. Jambala's presence is a reminder of the richness within us and the promise for a life overflowing in blessings, with a brilliant, golden complexion and sometimes shown clutching a mongoose spouting jewels.