Dzambhala Buddhist Sculpture | Gold Glided Himalayan Art

SKU: DZG1142


Gold Glided Dzambhala Buddhist Sculpture

With the skillset and technique, inherited from centuries, we have beautifully crafted the Dzambhala Buddhist Sculpture in our studio. The deity is seated atop a sun disc lotus seat with a wrathful expression.  His mongoose Nehulay, which he holds in his left hand, is his most distinguishing feature. In his right hand is medicinal citron fruits, which have therapeutic effects such as fever reduction. We have molded the body using copper which is later glided using 24K gold. The intricate design patterns starting from crown to lotus seat are hand craved. This took us months and months of hard work.

This figurine of wealth deity Dzambhala will be a perfect addition to your meditation shrine.

Size: 5.9"/15cm (Height) x 5"/13cm (Base)
Weight: 1 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Dzambhala was born many eons ago in the world known as Hoetzer Jyapa, which means "a hundred light rays." Famines, natural disasters, and wars were unheard of in this region of enormous abundance. In this most fortunate realm, the Buddha Nime Shel spread Mahayoga teachings. Jambala hoped that he would be reborn as a god of wealth throughout this wealthy life, with the noble goal of helping the poor and unfortunate.