The Wealth Deity of Buddhism, Dzambhala Gold Statue From Nepal



Traditionally Hand Carved Dzambhala Gold Statue, The Wealth Deity

This statue of the wealth deity Dzambhala is one of the magnificent art from Nepal which is purely hand curated. The copper body is gold plated thoroughly to create the lustrous shine. His face is gilded precisely and the artist have beautifully expressed his semi wrathful demeanor. The flaming eyebrows and the mustaches are carved in a dramatic manner.

One distinctive feature of this statue is the body nimbus behind him. If you see closely, the intricate carvings of the repetitive patterns are vividly visible. This pattern of carvings are really delicate and only the master artisans with a remarkable years of experience are able to carve them. Upon them, the blue and dark blue stones have added a beautiful contrast.  The lotus petal carvings on his seat is wonderfully designed to support the majestic aura of the lord of wealth, Dzambala.

Size: 50.5 cm/19.88" (Height) x 36/14.17" (Base)
Weight: 15.66 Kg (approximate)
Medium: Copper Body, 24K Gold, Precious Stones


Dzambala (alternatively Jhambhala) is a Tibetan wealth deity. He symbolizes good fortune and affluence, which is also what his practice brings about.

Dzambala has a semi-peaceful expression of subtle wrath and splendor. The statue is purely gilded with gold, finished with expert artistry and skill. The minute details, as well as the combination of golden and the occasional blue features, give it a very aesthetic and unique look. It pleases the eyes, and helps you in your practices.