Four Armed Chenrezig Statue, Traditional Sculpture Art of Nepal



Four Armed Chenrezig Statue, Traditionally Handmade Art of Nepal

This is one large sized Chenrezig statue from our collection, depicted in his four armed form. One of the best example of the finest statue making art from Nepal, this Chenrezig sculpture stands correct to the Sadhana manuals. The artisans have projected him in a very calm and composed gesture, seated in Vajra posture and two hands clasped together holding a jewel inside.

There is a playful display of precious stones embedded through out the golden body. The small red and blue stones lined up in a vertical array on his crown is one unique highlights of this statue. It is one of our most beloved Chenrezig statue, custom made with utmost care and sincerity.

Size: 65cm/25.59" (Height) x 37cm/14.56" (Width)
Weight: 18.736kg (approximately)
Medium: 24K Gold, Copper Body, Precious Corals, and Turquoise

About Chenrezig

Chenrezig is the earthly embodiment of the eternal Buddha Amitabha, whose figure is depicted in his headdress. He guards the world between the departure of the historical Buddha, Gautama, and the appearance of the future Buddha, Maitreya. Shipwrecks, fire, assassins, robbers, and wild beasts are all protected by Avalokiteshvara. He is the creator of the fourth world, the actual universe.