The Future Buddha Maitreya Statue | A Sacred Sculpting Art of Nepal



Maitreya: The Future Buddha Statue, Magnificently Hand curated Himalayan Art of Nepal

This majestic Statue of the future Buddha depicts Maitreya in his Bodhisattva form. A unique art of sculpting statues and figurines dates back to the ancient times of Nepal.

The careful combination of Brass, Gold and Silver on the body has created an amazingly playful appearance of the Maitreya Buddha. His uniquely carved animal throne is very detailed with the depiction of many beings such as Garuda elephants, horses and lions.

This statues is a perfect example of finest artistry from the land of Himalayas in Nepal. The unique style of patterns represent the distinctive art forms of Newars who have been working continuously in preserving this sacred art. A clearly appealing statue of Maitreya Buddha is here for you!

Size: 23.6"/60cm (Height) x 14.9"/38cm (Base)
Weight: 12.194 kg
Material: 24K Gold and Silver Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings


All of the characteristics that a Bodhisattva must possess are represented. The Maitreya Buddha statue is shown with both hands in the Dharmachakra Mudra.
Maitreya Buddha holds a lotus blossom in each hand. Each hand also had a Dharma Wheel and a ceremonial foundation. The Wheel of Dharma and the ritual vase are being shown on the top of the lotus flower.

Maitreya was born as one of a thousand sons of a great king in those lifetimes. This king wanted to know in what order his sons would become enlightened, so he put all of their names in a bowl, focused intently for seven days while doing numerous ceremonial offerings, and then pulled their names one by one from the bowl. The Buddha of that age, the Tathagata Limitless Knowledge, foretold that Maitreya would be the fifth Buddha of the present era, with Shakyamuni being the fourth.