Gautama Shakyamuni | Enlightenment Buddha | Deity Statue

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Gautama Shakyamuni Also Enlightenment Buddha, Deity Statue

A Nepali artist handcrafts this deity statue of enlightenment Gautama Shakyamuni Buddha. The forehead with a dot, one face, half-closed eyelids, and hair piled on the top of the head ornamented with a gold pendant at the crest. From his days as a royal, his earlobes are lengthy and pierced. In the earth witness mudra, the right arm is stretched over the knee, with the fingers touching the ground. On the mudra of meditation, the left hand is placed in the lap, palm upward. Gold robe wraps over the body and legs, covering the shoulders. In the Buddhist monk style, the right arm is left bare. The halo behind his calm face is exquisitely crafted and embedded with a precious stone.

Size: 20.4"/52cm (Height) x 14.5"/37cm (Base)
Weight: 9.940 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

The Buddhist tradition was founded by Shakyamuni Buddha. In the sixth century B.C.E., he lived and taught in India, at a period of rising religious and philosophical thinking from Greece to China. Siddhartha Gautama was born as the crown prince of the mighty Shakya Kingdom and was nurtured to be a king in line with his royal father's aspirations. However, when he was around 29 years old, he learnt about people's tremendous pain in life. To uncover the reasons of this anguish and the methods to alleviate it, he abandoned his palace life and gave up his magnificent robes and gold.