Buddha Shakyamuni Statue | Gold Plated Traditional Gautam Buddha Statue



Gautam Buddha Statue, Impeccable Himalayan Handcrafted Shakyamuni Statue 

This traditional Tibetan statue of Gautam Buddha is hand-carved with turquoise and coral. It has the original emblems and representation details, enhanced with some contemporary artistry. It is gold-gilded and reeks with artistic finesse and preservation of traditional features.

Shakyamuni's statue has exceedingly calm and peaceful features. He sits in his iconic Vajra posture on a lotus seat. His fundamental purpose was to free all the sentient beings from suffering. Through his awakening, the effective means for teaching everybody the path to awakening was realized.

This is the perfect Gautam Buddha Statue for your meditation shrine.
Size: 42cm/16.5" (Height) x 29cm/ 11.4" (Base)
Weight: 5.97kg