Green Tara Bronze Statue | Mother of Compassion | Female Goddess



Female Buddha Goddess, Handmade Green Tara Bronze Statue 

This handcrafted Green Tara Bronze Statue was created using traditional Himalayan techniques, with a pure oxidized copper body that highlights the intricate design patterns of the statue and hand-carved various ornaments of the body. The compassion deity is depicted sitting on a lotus moon disc lotus, her left hand in the Prithvi Mudra, which represents the fusion of wisdom and compassion, and her right hand in the gesture of offering shelter. The statue's materials are of the highest quality and will last for many years.

This figurine is an ideal gift for a Nepalese practitioner like you because it can be used in a variety of Buddhist rites and meditational activities.

Size: 19.2"/49cm (Height) x 12.2"/31cm (Base)
Weight: 9.11 kg
Material: Oxidized Copper Body

Tara is the savior, the personification of compassion, the one who reaches out and freely replies to everyone who is suffering. Tara is courageous and generous to a fault. Green Tara and White Tara are her most popular incarnations, though she occasionally appears as Red Tara in Dakini form. "Om tare tuttare ture svaha," says Green Tara. White Tara's mantra is "om tare tuttare ture mama ayu Punya jnana pushtim kuru svaha," which means "om tare tuttare ture mama ayu Punya jnana pushtim kuru svaha."