Green Tara Statue Nepal | Hand-Carved Fine Art

SKU: GTZ1459


Traditionally Hand-carved Nepal Statue of Green Tara 

Nepal and Nepali artists are known for sculpting sacred deities and bringing them to life. We are ancient sculpting artists. We hand-made this Green Tara statue in our studio, Kathmandu, Nepal, with the method of creating sculptures passed to us from generations. We used a copper body to sculpt the sculpture and then gilded it with genuine 24k gold. The use of acrylic painting on the lotuses is also one of the highlights of the statue, giving a unique look. We depicted the Compassion goddess sitting on a lotus seat with a calm expression. Her exquisite headdress is crafted beautifully with intricate design and embedded with corals. 

Size: 9.4"/24cm (Height) x 8.2"/21cm (Base)
Weight: 2.32 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Tara's enlightened activity has the potential to protect human beings who connect with her practice from all fears and the causes of these fears. It helps you release hope for a particular outcome and bring the energy back to yourself, generating inner peace and clarity.

In short, “om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha” means “I prostrate to the Liberator, Mother of all the Victorious Ones.