Guru Padmasambhava Statue Art | Tibetan Tantric Master

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Hand-Crafted Guru Padmasambhava Statue Art 

In our studio, we hand carved the Guru Padmasambhava statue art using a traditional Himalayan technique. The statue was molded using a copper body gilded with 24k genuine gold and finely painted with acrylic paint to highlight the statues details. The statue depicts the deity seated upon a moon disc lotus in a meditative posture with a wrathful expression holding a trident placed on his left shoulder while he carries a vajra and a skull vase in his right and left hands, respectively. This delightful hand-carved statue of Guru Rinpoche would be beneficial to your meditation practice. 

Size: 9.8"/25cm (Height) x 5.9"/15cm (Base)
Weight: 1.55 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

For most Himalayan Buddhists, Guru Rinpoche is the second Buddha, the Buddha of all forms and teachings of enlightenment, focusing on the tantras. Tantra teaches us to initially see our instructors as Guru Rinpoche, just as the Great Way leads us to see our enlightened nature and name it buddha-nature. Then we view everything as Guru Rinpoche, down to the atoms of our bodies, all beings equally, and every scrap of every blade of grass, every grain of sand. Finally, it is Guru Rinpoche who we realize when we recognize our natural, timeless awareness.