Guru Padmasambhava | The Lotus Born Gold Statue | Tibetan Buddhist Sculpture



Guru Padmasambhava, The Lotus-Born Gold Statue 

The Lotus-Born, known as Guru Padmasambhava, is shown magnificently in this statue. This statue is handcrafted in Kathmandu by a Nepali artist in copper and gilded in 24K Gold. His expression is serene, seated on a lotus seat like a king. He holds a trident in his left arm and a vajra on his right. His precious ornaments are embedded with corals, and every tiniest detail is highly prioritized.

Size: 23cm/9.05" (Height) x 13cm /5.11" (Base)
Weight: 1.400kg (approximately)
Materials: Copper Body, 24K Gold Gilded

About Guru Rinpoche

Guru Rinpoche manifests as many emanations in each of the six realms to teach sentient beings according to their skills and gradually lead them to enlightenment. Guru Padmasambhava's nirmanakaya emanations are assisting sentient beings all over the universe in one hundred million ways. Within any reality, Guru Rinpoche can take any number of forms. He isn't bound by any rules about how he appears. His personality and teaching style change based on the sentient beings he assists.