Guru Rinpoche Gold Sculpture | Hand-Carved Buddhist Art

SKU: GRN1278


Gold Sculpture of Guru Rinpoche Handcrafted Fine Art

The large scale sculpture of the Guru Rinpoche Gold Statue was crafted by the Himalayan tradition that was passed from generation to generation. The statue depicts the deity draped in robes fitted with precious jewels while holding a skull vase in his right hand and a trident resting on his shoulder. We elegantly adorned the throne and crown, meticulously embellished the ornaments, and magnificently decorated and designed the fundamentals, which took us several months to sculpt. This near flawless sculpture of Guru Rinpoche was made from a pure copper body and glided with 24k genuine gold. The use of Acrylic painting highlights the statue to a greater extent giving it mesmerizing look. We assure you that the materials used for the statue are of the highest quality and will last for years.

Size: 23.2"/59cm (Height) x 16.9"/43cm (Base)
Weight: 11.90 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

For most Himalayan Buddhists, Guru Rinpoche is the second Buddha, the Buddha of all forms and teachings of enlightenment, focusing on the tantras. Tantra teaches us to initially see our instructors as Guru Rinpoche, just as the Great Way leads us to see our enlightened nature and name it buddha-nature. Then we view everything as Guru Rinpoche, down to the atoms of our bodies, all beings equally, and every scrap of every blade of grass, every grain of sand. Finally, it is Guru Rinpoche who we realize when we recognize our natural, timeless awareness.