Guru Rinpoche Statue | Himalayan Statue Glided With Pure 24K Gold | Handmade



Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava Statue, Tibetan Buddhist Statue

Guru Rinpoche, also known as Guru Padmasambhava (the Precious Guru). He is an important figure in Buddhism who was instrumental in establishing Vajrayana Buddhism in Tibet. He trained himself at many sacred places and gave those teachings to infinite visible and invisible beings. He is known as the Guru Rinpoche, through his invincible powers, he pacified many negative forces obstructing his enlightening activities. He is very powerful and considered to have the ability to control demons and evil spirits.

This beautifully handcarved Statue of Padmasambhava for your practice.

Size: 25cm/9.8" (Height) x 16cm/6.2" (Base)
Weight:2.004kg (approximately)