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Padmasambhava Statue with his two Consorts

Padmasambhava (Rinpoche) in his right hand, he holds a five-pronged vajra at his hear and left hand rests in the gesture of sequanimity. This Statue is a set with his two consorts. He is also known as the louts Born. As per the iconography statue has the wrathful and smiling face. In statue he seats in his customary manner with his two primary consorts Indian princess Mandarava and Tibetan queen Yeshe Tsogyal. This statue is made up of oxidized copper and plated with silver and gold.

A perfect Statue of Guru Rinpoche for your meditation shrine.

GR 35cm/ 13.7" (Height) x 20cm /7.8" (Base)
YT 25cm/ 9.8" (Height) x 23cm /9" (Base)
M 25cm/ 9.8" (Height) x 23cm /9" (Base)
Weight: 4.86 kg (approximately)