Guru Rinpoche with Trisong Detsen & Santaraksita | Traditional Buddhist Statue



Traditional Buddhist Statue of Guru Rinpoche, Trisong Detsen & Santaraksita

We have exquisitely hand-carved the magnificent statues of Guru Rinpoche, Trisong Detsen, and Santaraksita in traditional Himalayan art. All three deities depicted on a top of a lotus seat will significantly benefit you for meditation and yoga practices. We are the artist of Kathmandu valley whose artisan has passed from generation to generation and has made excessive ancient Vajrayana sculptures. We have adorned the magnificent crown of Trisong Detsen by using very rare turquoise. The robes of all deities are finely hand carved by us and used genuine 24k gold to plate and copper to craft them. We have used rare and antique gemstones and jewels to embellish valuable ornaments of high quality. This statue will be a tremendous gift from Nepal to a practitioner like you. 

Size: 12.5"/32cm (Height) x 8.2"/21cm (Base)
Weight: 8.886 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

For most Himalayan Buddhists, Guru Rinpoche is the second Buddha, the Buddha of all enlightenment forms and teachings, with a focus on the tantras. Tantra teaches us to first see our teachers as Guru Rinpoche, just as the Great Way leads us to see and name our enlightened nature as Buddha-nature. Then we see everything through the eyes of Guru Rinpoche, right down to our atoms, all beings equally, and every scrap of every blade of grass, every grain of sand. Finally, when we recognize our natural, timeless awareness, we recognize Guru Rinpoche.

King Trisong Detsen, the monarch, oversaw Buddhism's official adoption as Tibet's national religion and established its royalty. He is portrayed seated with his right leg outstretched than his left. His right hand is resting on the knee, pointing down bhumisparsha posture, and his left hand is holding the dharma wheel, wearing a majestic robe. His headdress is magnificently crafted with stone and corals. 

Shantarakshita is dressed modestly and wearing a pointed hat covering both ears, sat in Vajrasana position with a slight grin and pleasant look. His left-hand clutches a book, while his right hand is in Abhaya mudra.