Large Sized Heruka Vajrakilaya Statue | Rare 24K Gold Art of Himalayas



Heruka Vajrakilaya Statue in 24K Gold from Nepal

This wrathful Heruka Vajrakilaya is one good example of the finest carvings done in traditional gold statues from Nepal. The iconography of any wrathful deity is much more complex than those of the peaceful deities. The multiple heads (each with different expressions) or the multiples hands with different attributes, the five bone ornaments, the skull heads garlands, Vajrakilaya is surely one of the most difficult deity to portray in statues.

Our specialized artisans have given their best version to create this large master piece. Standing in ferocious manner, he is portrayed embracing the mother in his arms.

Size: 25.59"/65cm (Height) x 19.29"/49cm (Base)
Weight: 23 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Vajrakilaya Introduction:

Buddhist Meditational Deity, Vajrakilaya, also called Phurba in Tibetan, has three heads, six arms, and four legs on the Vajrakilaya statue with his consort Khorlo Gyedunma. His two primary hands are wrapped around the consort's waist, which is the focal point of the figure. He wields the mystical phurba dagger, which has three blades and a magical moment, between his two hands. The phurba dagger's three blades remove one of the three fundamental impediments to spiritual awareness. Hatred, sensual desire and ignorance are the three obstacles. The three-pointed tip of the phurba blade also represents a point of public attention focused on the immense nothingness phenomena.