Guru Rinpoche Statue | Himalayan 24k Gold Glided Sculpture



Himalayan 24k Gold Glided, Guru Rinpoche Statue

Guru Rinpoche statue is shown magnificently in this Himalayan 24k gold glided statue. This statue was handcrafted in Kathmandu by a Nepali artist in copper and gilded in 24K Gold. The molds in the costume of Guru Rinpoche are finely crafted, giving it a realistic touch with his precious ornaments. His right-hand holds a vajra, and his left hand holds a skullcup with a trident by his arms.

Size: 23cm/ 9.05" (Height) x 15cm/5.90" (Base)
Weight: 1.480 Kg
Materials: Copper Body, 24K Gold Glided

About Guru Rinpoche

Guru Rinpoche is also known as the Guru Padmasambhava. The rays of blessing light of the Buddha of Infinite Light touched a lotus 12 years after the Parinirvana of the Buddha, where Guru Rinpoche miraculously took birth. He left the royal palace to serve a more significant number of beings through sacred teachings and power. He pacified many opposing forces obstructing his enlightening activities through his invincible might.