Jambala Statue | Hand Carved Gold Gilded | Bodhisattva Dzambala Statue



Jambala Statue, Traditionally Gilded in 24K Gold

Jambala/ Dzambala is considered one of the most popular and powerful of Wealth Gods. There are five different wealth Jambhala among them yellow Jambala is known as the guardian of light in Buddhism, a great charitable deity who grants fortune and protection. He is the emanation of Buddha Ratnasambhava. He is also said to be an emanation of Vaisnavara, one of the Four Great World-protecting Heavenly kings.
His mantra is "Om Jambala Jalendraye Suvaha."

Beautifully hand-curated Jambala (Dzambhala) Statue, perfect for your Vajrayana practice.
Size: 38 cm/14.96" (Height) x 36cm/14.17" (Base)
Weight: 5.77 Kg (approximate)
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Precious Stones, Silver