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Kurkulla Statue , Plated With Pure 24K Gold

Kurkulla is an aspect of Tara, and she is also known as Red Tara. Her Tibetan name is Rigjyedma, meaning “she who is the cause of knowledge.” She bestows these qualities upon her followers, enabling them to sway others to their wishes and thereby fulfill their desires. Her powerful charms also enable her to compassionately lead straying practitioners back to the path of Dharma.

Kurkulla dances seductively with her right leg raised, treading upon a vanquished human form which represents obstacles, both outer and inner. She has four arms and holds various weapons indicating her powers to bewitch and ensnare the hearts of men and women. With two hands, she draws a bow made of flower garlands, and she prepares to shoot a beautiful arrow whose shaft is made of flowers and whose flight is made of leaves. Her other left hand holds a lasso and her right hand holds a flower-goad. They also symbolize her ability to favorably influence and incline the minds of others to aid and protect her followers.

Size: 53cm/ 20" (Height) x 24cm /9.4" (Base)
Weight: 9.1 kg (approximately)