Large Green Tara Gold Statue | Handmade Sculpture of Mother Tara | Saviouress from all fears

SKU: GTN2612


Traditionally Hand-crafted Large Statue of Mother Green Tara 

This beautiful Large Green Tara Gold Statue, handcrafted from high-quality materials, is a delightful reminder of the beloved Mother Tara, the compassionate savior of all fears. This magnificent sculpture stands 25.9 inches tall and has a gleaming gold finish, providing a striking visual reminder of Tara's eternal compassionate love. We have depicted the mother Tara graciously sitting on beautifully hand-crafted lotus seat with calm and peaceful expression. Traditionally plated in 24K gold. Her ornaments, silk, and crowns are among the most beautiful works of Nepalese art. Her face is heavily gilded with gold to express her serene and surreal beauty. Her body exudes a lustrous shine, perfectly crafted for your meditation altar. The statue's composed aura, expressed through her beautiful eyes that gaze deeply into eternity, is one of its distinguishing features. This work of art is one of our studio's most valuable and beloved Taras.

Size: 25.9"/66cm (Height) x 18.1"/46cm (Base)
Weight: 22 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

The Green Tara Goddess, seated in the lalita posture, is depicted in this statue. Her left hand is holding an utpala, which represents purity, while her right hand is in varada mudra. She responds quickly to people who seek her assistance. Her jewelry and ornaments are a perfect match for her elegant glance. With a peaceful and serene expression, she sits atop a moon disc lotus seat.