Manjushree Statue Art | Bodhisattva Buddhism Deity

SKU: MP555


Manjushree Statue Art, Bodhisattva Buddhism Deity 

Manjushree is shown magnificently seated on a lotus seat exquisitely crafted halo behind his peaceful face in this statue art.  This Bodhisattva Buddhism Deity sculpture is hand-carved in copper and gilded 24K gold by a Nepali artisan in Kathmandu. He is the embodiment of all Buddhas' knowledge. His right hand is seen wielding the sword of empty expertise, which he intends to employ to remove ignorance, which is the root of all suffering. He holds a lotus flower in his left palm, on which he rests the book of transcendental wisdom. He is dressed in gorgeous and rare jewels and wears a wreath embedded with a precious stone.

Size: 29.1"/74cm (Height) x 17.7"/45cm (Base)
Weight: 22.850 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

According to one legend, he gained complete enlightenment a long time ago. He descended into the earth as a Bodhisattva to benefit all sentient beings. He was one of Lord Shakyamuni's eight prominent followers who used to ask inquiries about emptiness for the benefit of other listeners. Buddhists believe he is the only deity of wisdom who bestows wisdom to worshippers to improve their memory and intelligence. Consequently, a devotee can grasp the Buddha's teachings' enormous and profound significance. Nobody can develop the realization of emptiness without Manjushri's blessings.