Manjushri Bodhisattva of Wisdom Statue | Fiery Sword Wielding Bodhisattva Art

SKU: MF2730


Gold Gilded Manjushri Bodhisattva of Wisdom Statue for Meditation and Ritual

Manjushri bodhisattva of wisdom. Here, the Bodhisattva is wielding his characteristic fiery sword as he is seated atop a moon disc lotus seat with a compassionate demeanor. The fiery sword indicates his ability to cut through negativity and ignorance. His right-hand makes the "Vitraka Mudra," which represents the passing on of the Buddha's message. After months of labor, our painters created this stunning sculpture and adding gems only enhances its beauty.

Truly a perfect addition to your Buddhist shrine or can be used as a meditative accompaniment for yourself or for any devotee.

Size: 16.9"/43cm (Height) x 12.9"/33cm (Base)
Weight: 8.34 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Manjushri means "very auspicious" in Sanskrit. Manjushri, one of the compassion bodhisattvas, is more famous among Tibetan Buddhists. He, as the Buddha Resplendent, resembles a brilliant sun. Manjushri is a Tibetan name that means "good companion." He also represents the Kadampa Buddhist tradition, recognized by its scholars.