Mother Green Tara Statue | Tibetan Female Buddha Handmade Art

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Tibetan Female Buddha Mother Green Tara Statue

The Mother Green Tara Statue was traditionally hand-carved in our studio by Nepalese craftsmen using traditional techniques. To emphasize the unique design patterns of the statue, the figure was sculpted with a copper body, plated with 24k pure gold, and delicately painted with acrylic paint. The deity is seen sitting atop a moon disc lotus and doing the Surya mudra with her left hand outstretched and the Gyan mudra with her right hand resting on her knee. The face is illuminated by the halo positioned behind it. We used acrylic paints to highlight the facial attributes of the deity. 

This Mother Tara statue will be a perfect gift from Nepal to a devotee like you that will aid you in your practices and regular activities such as meditation and yoga.

Size: 20.8"/53cm (Height) x 11.8"/30cm (Base)
Weight: 10.84 kg
Material: 24K Gold Gilded, Copper Body, Acrylic Paintings

Green Tara is the manifestation from whence all of Tara's other forms emerge, connected with enlightened action and active compassion. Tara is the most revered of the Tibetan Buddhist pantheon's female enlightened deities. She is "the mother of all buddhas" and "she who ferries beings over the ocean of samsara" since she is the embodiment of enlightened love and compassion.