Samantabhadra with Consort | Bodhisattva Buddhist Statue



Samantabhadra With Consort | Bodhisattva Buddhist Statue

The statue of Samantabhadra with consort is handmade with 24K gold. The Bodhisattva Buddhist is seated on a lotus throne in a meditative posture with his legs folded. His consort is sitting on his lap, her arms wrapped around him. He's bare, which means he's free of any concept stains. His name always means lovely in Tibetan, Kuntuzangpo, and Sanskrit, Samantabhadra. This means that our ultimate nature is unchanging goodness or fundamental goodness.

Size: 17cm/6.6" (height) x 13cm/5.1" (Base)
Weight: 1.35kg (approximately)
Material: Copper Body, 24K Gold Gilded

In Mahayana Buddhism, Samantabhadra is a bodhisattva (buddha-to-be) representing benevolence or happiness. He is frequently depicted in a triad with Shakyamuni (the Buddha) and the bodhisattva Manjushri, either on a three-headed elephant or a single-headed elephant with six tusks. In China, he is the patron deity of Mount Emei, located in the province of Sichuan. He is regarded as the manifestation of Vairocana, the cosmic Buddha, in Vajrayana, or Tantric Buddhism. In Chinese, he is known as Puxian, while in Japanese, he is known as Fugen.