Buddha Shakyamuni Statue | Adorned With Precious Stones | Traditional Tibetan Style



Shakyamuni Buddha Statue, Traditionally Handmade Himalayan Statue

Shakyamuni Buddha is also known as Gautam Buddha. He is the first enlightened individual to be visualized. His goal was to free all people from suffering, and his awakening was the realization of effective means for teaching everybody the path to awakening.

Buddha is seated with a calm and peaceful face in vajra posture on a lotus seat. This statue is hand-carved with turquoise and coral. His right hand is in Abhaya Mudra, His left-hand rests on his lap holding a begging bowl.

A perfect Buddha Statue for your meditation shrine.

Size: 31.5cm/12.4" (Height) x 25.5cm/ 10" (Base)
Weight: 4.212kg
Materials : Copper, 24K Gold, Precious Stones